Vinita IsraniVinnyteeeGirl whose name rhymes with fajita

I am a user experience (UX) and product designer currently working at Greenfield Labs

(IDEO + Ford Motor Company) in spaces between interaction and systems design.


I was previously at GE AviationGE Digital, Carnegie Mellon, and Rice.
Residing in the Bay Area, I am a serial list-maker, and wish I could look good in aviators.


Interested in my work?

I love dabbling in many different things, although I have found myself gravitating toward the intersection between product management and service design in fast-paced working environments working on social innovation projects.

For now, find me on:





Tomorrow at chai,

I can talk about:

Being geographically challenged
Living in the sunlight but working in the dark
Having small hands (like minions)

In the future,

I’d like to:

Live outside the US

Take trapeze lessons

See the Aurora Borealis